Underwater Starfish Paradise

A vacation in Zanzibar is never complete without plunging in the warm and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, and at Baladin Zanzibar we are privileged to be next to one of the few places on the island where you can enjoy the views of hundreds of starfishes while having a unique snorkelling experience.

Discover the beautiful underwater life of the Indian Ocean, counting tropical fish until infinity and making lifetime memories in an unspoiled environment. Our beach resort rises on the east-coast of the island, where the sea is protected by a reef, providing soft and calm snorkelling sessions in complete comfort and safety.

Float in tropical turquoise waters, soak in the sun, and enjoy each special encounter. You can only love it.

TIME: 2 Hours 

RATE PER PERSON: 2 pax – $20  per person, 3+ pax –  $15  per person

An epic Kayak Adventure

Paddle your way through the Indian Ocean while enjoying the views of the bottom of the sea from a fabulous transparent kayak. The waters of the Indian Ocean are crystal clear, and watching the ocean below you is a one of a kind experience that you should definitely add to your bucket list.

Our transparent kayaks offer a unique viewing experience that allows you to observe the underwater world in a fully intimate way while your kayak becomes a clear window to the turquoise ocean. 

On top of this, our outstanding location offers you the chance to kayak around the famous The Rock, a lovely restaurant perched on top of a rock in the middle of the sea at only a short distance from our resort. Explore the sea and experience it from a unique, and much clearer perspective! Paddles up.

TIME: 1 hour

RATE PER PERSON: $10/hour per person

Sail into the Sunset

Watch the sun dipping into the Indian Ocean and the sky turning into a colorful show of lights while you enjoy the salty breeze on your skin, and the gentle sea softly rocking the boat below your feet. Our sunset cruise experience starts at 4 PM when the water is shining under the sunlight, and takes you on a magical journey at sea following sunset.

In this excursion, you will sail away enjoying unique moments on board a traditional Dhow boat. Dhows were once used by the merchants that traveled between Zanzibar, Persia, Arabia, and India, transporting goods. Building them is still an art, and their rich history will make you feel like you are traveling back in time on a completely magical journey.

After sunset, you will be able to choose between enjoying some time at Kae Funk, a popular and vibrant beach bar in Michamvi, or visiting the Mangroves Bar for a more intimate experience with great music away from crowds. Return by taxi.

TIME: 3 hours

RATE PER PERSON: 2 pax – $30 per person, 3-4 pax – $25 per person

Mtende Beach Excursion

To the south of our hotel, in a peaceful village called Michamvi, lies an idyllic and secluded beach once known as the Secret Beach. At this unique place, a beautiful stretch of white sand gets uncovered during low tides, allowing you to walk under the sun and breathe in the salty ocean air while enjoying spectacular views.

During high tide, the place becomes a fabulous place to swim completely undisturbed among high walls of rock, while enjoying a real island getaway. Mtende is one of the most secluded places of Zanzibar, and a mandatory excursion for all beach lovers.

For the ultimate travel experience, add lunch or sunset dinner to your trip, and enjoy it from the magnificent terrace of Eden Rock, on top of one of the cliffs. Their beautiful restaurant is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the views.

TIME: Half day with optional lunch or dinner

RATE FOR 2 PAX: $60 transport return, excluding meals.

Maalum Cave Natural Swimming Pool

Discover one of Zanzibar’s best kept secrets at Maalum Cave, a natural swimming pool hidden in a secret cave in the south-east coast of the island. We will take you to Jambiani, a small village not far from where we are, so you can take a dip and float in the transparent water of the cave.

Marvel at this natural underground wonder while refreshing yourself in the water. The natural setup of the cave is dramatic and absolutely beautiful, and using goggles you may even be able to see some fish swimming below

Maalum is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm, and the experience is designed with responsible travel principles to create a positive impact. To ensure a private and sustainable experience they only receive ten people per tour, so make sure you contact us to plan your trip in advance.

TIME: 2 hours

RATE FOR 2 PAX: $40 transport return, excluding entrance fee of $20 per adult or $10 per child .

All Excursions


PRICE PER TRANSFER : 2-3 Pax – $50,  4-6 Pax – $60,  7-10 Pax – $80


5 hours guided tour in Stowntown – UNESCO world heritage!

PRICE PER PERSON: 2 Pax – $50,  3-4 Pax – $40,  5-6 Pax – $30


4 hours guided tour in your language

PRICE PER PERSON: 2 Pax – $50,  3-4 Pax – $40,  5-6 Pax- $30


Spicetour with guide & visit Stonetown (optional with guide)

PRICE PER PERSON: 2 Pax – $55,  3-4 Pax – $45,  5-6 Pax – $35


Monkeys & Mangroves. 3 hours guided tour including entrance fee

PRICE PER PERSON: 2 Pax – $40,  3-4 Pax – $35,  5-6 Pax – $30


Dolphin Tour in Kizimkazi.  4 hours long tour includes a guide, boat & national park fee (departure at 6am, return by 10am)

PRICE PER PERSON: 2 Pax – $40,  3-4 Pax – $35,  5-6 Pax – $30


Snorkelling & Dolphins 6 hour tour. Incl. guide, boat & national park fee

PRICE PER PERSON: 2 Pax – $55,  3-4 Pax – $45,  5-6 Pax – $40


Boat Trip, Snorkelling, Seafood picnic on white sand Beach – 8 hours.  Incl. guide, boat & national park fee. 

PRICE PER PERSON: 2 Pax – $80,  3-4 Pax – $65,  5-6 Pax – $55