Baladin Craft Cocktails


Sidro Spritz

Alcohol: 5,3 % vol.

The most popular Italian cocktail, made with apple cider

Orange and honey in color, its scent is dominated by delicate notes of tangerine which blend with the spiciness of the bitter and the fresh apple aromas of Sidro Baladin.

In the mouth, it releases a delicately bitter complexity, with notes of gentian and bitter orange zest. The taste is full and perfectly balanced between citrus zest and bitter herbs, with a persistent and fragrant finish of green apple.

Beer Hugo

Alcohol: 6,3 % vol.

One of the most glamorous cocktails around, with even more taste

Bright, clear and straw-yellow, with fine and persistent bubbles, it releases scents of flowers, pastry, and gentle hoppy notes.

The mouth is enveloped by floral notes of elderflower and lavender, pungent hints of peppermint from Piedmont, with a final slightly bitter and citrus note that comes from the Baladin Isaac beer.


Gin Tonic

Alcohol: 6,7 % vol.

The most popular mix of the moment, with beer distillate and Italian tonic water

Clear and bright, with medium-fine persistent bubbles, it has a rich and fragrant scent, with notes of resin that come from the juniper, followed by the floral and citrus notes of the other botanicals used in the distillate.

The taste is dry, clean and bitter. It has a floral character, where the delicate notes of cabbage rose and the bold aroma of Damask rose – reminiscent of middle-eastern food – emerge, along with citrus touches of lime and bergamot. Gin and Tonica Baladin create a perfect dialog and leave the mouth clean, ready to take another sip.