30 June 2017

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How it all started

It all started with a provocative man born into a farming family in a small village near Cuneo in the north of Italy. Teo Musso was introduced to a world of tastes and aromas from an early age by his father, who wanted to share with him his love for home-made wine to accompany the meals. Sooner than later, a rebellious Teo decided that what he wanted was not wine, but beer. 

And so the journey began. Teo opened Le Baladin Pub, and went to Belgium to learn how to make craft beer with a skilled technical approach. In 1996, in a garage next to the bar, he began brewing beer and gave birth to the first Baladin beers: Blonde, and Ambrée. These would be the first of many more to come. The concept was simple, and yet unique: Teo’s passion for brewing great beer meant finding the right ingredients to create amazing taste that would enhance the flavors of the food, while spreading the culture of craft beer.

From the earth to the glass

After moving the brewery to his parents’ former chicken coop, he worked with a group of skilled craftsmen to build a cutting-edge brewery in larger premises. His passion and love for beer always led him to experiment and innovate, and so in 2004 the multi-awarded Xyauyù (a Baladin oxidized barley wine), was born. One year later, Teo created the first Baladin cider: Sidro, with apples from Savoy. In 2020 Sidro would be made exclusively from Italian apples, and win the World Gluten Free Beer Award.

A pioneer approach

Many other unique drinks and beers would see the light during the following years, including Open Baladin, the first open source beer in history; and Nazionale, the first 100% Italian craft beer with barley from Melfi. Nowadays Baladin has its own farm, and 95% of the ingredients that we use are either produced or farmed by us. We were the first Italian brewery to distribute craft beer in cans and we continue to innovate. During lockdown, we created unique beer cocktails, with spirits obtained from distillation of our beers. At Baladin Zanzibar you can find them in three varieties: Gin Tonic, Sidro Spritz, and Hugo.